Get To Know Diamond Expert & Designer KT Frances

George Francis Jewelry was founded with great purpose and passion. For Founder KT Frances, jewelry is a powerful tool for storytelling. But what does that mean for her? Creating special pieces that last a lifetime and leave a legacy.

KT's wealth of experience working for some of the world's most prestigious jewelry houses, including Royal Jewelry House and Asprey, the brand responsible for Princess Diana's famous sapphire and diamond engagement ring, gives her a unique perspective on jewelry design. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are meant to be cherished, worn, and passed down for generations, from responsibly sourced diamond rings to stunning heirloom pendants and legacy rings. 

Learn more about the extraordinary story behind George Francis, KT's vision for the Wedding Suite experience, and what's to come in 2024.

Meet KT Frances

Q: Share with us your journey into the fine jewelry industry. What inspired you to start George Francis Jewelry? 

A: “After becoming a mom to my two daughters and with over a decade working within the jewelry industry for some of the world's most prestigious jewelry houses, I decided to take my experience navigating the sea of the luxury world and launch my own company, George Francis.”

Q: What sets George Francis Jewelry apart from others in the industry? 

A: “George Francis was created with heritage in mind, creating a legacy for not only myself and my children but also for others. The pieces I’ve inherited from generations before me keep memories vibrant and allow me to continue the journey of my life with those I’ve loved. My purpose now is to create jewelry that would last beyond your lifetime.”

Q: What makes your jewelry so special is the way you curate and design it–what are your top three favorite pieces and your favorite collection? Why?

A: “I’m a believer that my pieces should be worn as much as possible while living all life's moments! I created a bespoke Paraiba Legacy Ring as one of my first pieces. I will cherish it forever as it marks such a huge leap of faith and the beginning moment for George Francis Jewelry.” 

"The Emerald Engagement Ring and Heirloom Signet Ring are incredibly special and unique. [My Heirloom Ring] has my family crest on it and everyone always asks me about it! It's the perfect size and exudes femininity."

Q: Your brand is centered on creating a legacy and telling/sharing a story through jewelry. Where do you draw inspiration?

A: “Everywhere. Architecture, art, traveling, food, nature! The list goes on.”

Q: Can you explain the thought process behind some of your collections or fine jewelry pieces?

A: “My process will always begin with a memory or something that inspires me—my children, a building, a vacation. I’m constantly open to discovering my next design. When I was younger, my father always had me sketching everything. I think he somehow foresaw what I would become in life. He is truly my North Star.”

Q: How do you define the “Wedding Suite” experience?

A: “The Wedding Suite experience is extremely special. It’s the starting point of your happily ever after. Our process is personal and truly unique with each couple or individual we work with.”

Q: What is the process behind creating a bespoke natural diamond engagement ring for a client, from initial consultation to the final product?

A: “Our bespoke projects are always with you in mind, working closely together to create the piece of your dreams!” 

01.) THE BESPOKE PROCESS BEGINS—“We meet either on Zoom or in-person to start the conversation about what you’re looking for. We talk about materials, stones, colors, styles, and what you like/dislike. 

I’m always inspired by the client's love story—how they met, fell in love, their passions, and their inspirations. Every project is individual, just like the client's love story. The key is making sure you know them, and the design will always turn out special. After our initial chat, we get started designing!”

02.) DESIGN PRESENTATION—“Next, we showcase our ideas whether you’re near or far, we work with clients globally. You will be presented with the design in sketches or renderings. We make sure the client is highly involved in this process as we can go through multiple iterations at times to get the design just right.”

03.) CURATE—“This is when we will select the diamonds and/or colored stones for your selection. We source from all over the world with the top suppliers to make sure we always have the best while respecting the design and your budget. Once the design is approved, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due and our production team gets to work on the final production!

04.) SHARING YOUR BESPOKE DESIGN—“The final presentation is always the most exciting one (for us, too!). Given that every bespoke George Francis piece is unique and made by our master jewelers, we ask for 8-10 weeks lead time. However, we always do our best to accommodate rush orders on a case-by-case basis.”

Q: What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A: “My clients and discovering their stories. I’m in awe of the tremendous love and embrace George Francis has had since day one. It reminds me why I started this journey.”

Q: Can you share with us a memorable story about a particularly unique bespoke project you’ve worked on? 

A: “From celebrities to royals to young people in love, every project is special for me as a designer and curator. We had a client who we recreated a wedding ring using his mother's beloved diamond from what was her ring for 25+ years. We modernized it and completely made it an entirely new piece while using such a special stone. I love that it had a story before and now!”

Q: What exciting developments or plans can we anticipate from your brand in the near future?

A: “A lot is happening for us right now. We are very busy and grateful. That said, we are expanding a lot of collections. The Wedding Suite is busier than ever. We’ve added even more to our Estate Collection and new additions to our Proper Collection. Lots of 18K gold and colored gemstones coming into the mix. Really an exciting time for us!”

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